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Speechify is a powerful text reading application that helps you convert any text into natural speech, increase reading speed and absorb information effectively.

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Do you often have to read a lot of documents, books, and emails? Do you feel eye strain and loss of concentration when reading too much? Or do you simply want to save time reading and absorb information faster? If the answer is yes, then Speechify is the perfect solution for you.

Speechify: The #1 text-to-speech app helps you read twice as fast

Speechify Leading text reading application, doubles reading speed

What is Speechify?

Speechify is a leading text-to-speech app that uses advanced AI technology to convert any text into natural, easy-to-listen speech. With Speechify, you can "listen" instead of "read", helping you increase your reading speed, reduce eye strain, and absorb information more effectively.

How does Speechify work?

Speechify uses advanced text-to-speech technology to analyze and convert text to speech. Simply type or copy text into the app, choose the appropriate voice and speed, and Speechify will start reading it to you. You can customize the reading speed up to 900 words/minute, many times faster than the average reading speed.

Key features of Speechify

High-quality text-to-speech conversion: Speechify uses advanced AI technology to produce natural, clear, easy-to-listen speech.

Many different voices: You can choose between many different voices (male, female, age, regional accent) and many different languages.

Customize reading speed: You can adjust reading speed from slow to fast, up to 900 words/minute.

Supports multiple content sources: Speechify can read text from a variety of sources, including web pages, PDF documents, ebooks, emails, and more.

Web browser integration: Speechify has an extension for Chrome and Safari browsers, making it easy to convert web text to speech.

Store and sync: You can store your readings and sync them across multiple devices.

Night reading mode: Speechify has a night reading mode that helps protect your eyes when reading in low light conditions.

Speechify use cases

Reading books, newspapers, documents: Speechify helps you save time and effort when reading books, newspapers, and long documents.

Learn foreign languages: Speechify helps you improve your listening and pronunciation skills when learning foreign languages.

Listen to emails and messages: Speechify helps you handle emails and messages quickly when you're on the go or busy.

People who are blind and have difficulty reading: Speechify helps people who are blind or have difficulty reading access information more easily.

Increase work productivity: Speechify helps you work more efficiently by reading documents while you do other things.

Entertainment: Speechify helps you relax by listening to audiobooks or other favorite content.

Speechify pricing plans

Speechify offers both free and paid plans. The free plan has a limit on the amount of text that can be converted and some features are limited. Paid plans offer more features, including faster reading speeds, more voices, and unlimited conversions. You can compare pricing plans on Speechify's website to choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Speechify Free Plan

  • Limited amount of converted text
  • Maximum reading speed is 400 words/minute
  • There is only 1 voice option

Speechify paid plan

  • Unlimited conversions
  • Reading speed up to 900 words/minute
  • Many voice options
  • Storage and synchronization features
  • Night reading mode

Compare pricing plans

Feature Free plan Paid plans
Amount of converted text Limit Unlimited
Maximum reading speed 400 words/minute 900 words/minute
Number of voice options 1 More
Storage and synchronization Are not Have
Night reading mode Are not Have

Speechify alternatives

There are several alternatives to Speechify, including:


NaturalReader is also a text-to-speech application, offering similar features to Speechify. The advantage of NaturalReader is that it has many voice options and is reasonably priced. However, the voice quality and reading speed are rated lower than Speechify.

Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader is an audiobook reading application, with the ability to read many different text formats. The advantage of Voice Dream Reader is its friendly interface and integration with many cloud storage services. However, the text-to-speech conversion feature is not as highly rated as Speechify.

Read Aloud

Read Aloud is a Chrome browser extension that converts web text into speech. The advantage of Read Aloud is that it is completely free and easy to use. However, Read Aloud's features are also more limited than Speechify.


Speechify is a powerful tool that helps you read faster, absorb information more effectively, and save time. If you're looking for a high-quality text-to-speech app, Speechify is a great choice. Try Speechify today and experience the difference!

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