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Trustmary helps you automatically collect and display customer reviews, increasing trust and conversions on your website.

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Building and maintaining brand reputation is a key factor determining the success of a business. Customer reviews play an important role in this, providing valuable feedback to help businesses improve product and service quality and improve customer experience.

However, the process of collecting, managing and effectively leveraging these reviews is not easy. This is why Trustmary - a customer review automation platform was born, providing comprehensive solutions to help businesses optimize this process, thereby enhancing brand reputation and promoting conversions. change.

Introducing Trustmary

What is Trustmary?

Trustmary is a technology platform that allows businesses to automate the collection, management and display of customer reviews effectively. With advanced features, Trustmary helps businesses build trust and brand reputation in the eyes of potential customers, thereby promoting conversion and revenue growth.

Benefits of Trustmary

  1. Enhance brand reputation : Trustmary helps businesses collect and display genuine, positive reviews from customers, building a professional and trustworthy image.
  1. Build trust with potential customers : Positive reviews from customers will be an effective marketing tool, helping to attract and convince new customers to trust the business's products and services.
  1. Drive conversions : Displaying positive reviews across marketing channels increases credibility, which in turn increases conversion rates of potential customers.

How Trustmary Works

Collect reviews

Trustmary provides automation tools that help businesses easily send review requests to customers via email, SMS or other channels. The system will monitor and send reminders continuously to maximize response rate.

Show reviews

Trustmary allows businesses to integrate positive reviews into their website, social media, and other marketing channels. Review widgets are professionally designed and can be customized to fit your business's brand.

Review management

The Trustmary platform provides easy review tracking, analytics, and feedback. Businesses can quickly identify positive feedback that needs to be shared, as well as negative feedback that needs to be promptly addressed.

Key Features of Trustmary

Review widget

Trustmary offers custom review widgets that make it easy for businesses to display featured reviews on their website, increasing trust and driving conversions.

Feature Describe
Custom design Review widgets are designed according to the brand, suitable for the business website interface.
Flexible display Widgets can be placed in many different locations on the website, helping to optimize the user experience.
Automatically updated The latest reviews will be automatically displayed on the widget, no manual intervention required.

Evaluation certificate

Trustmary provides review certificates, which help potential customers verify the authenticity of the reviews displayed.

  • This review certificate includes information such as customer name, email address, review date, etc
  • These certificates will be displayed on the website, thereby increasing customer trust in the brand.

Analyzing reviews

Trustmary provides tools to track and analyze the effectiveness of review campaigns, helping businesses make more effective improvement decisions.

  • Businesses can track the number of reviews received, response rate, average review score, etc
  • Detailed analysis reports will help businesses evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and make appropriate adjustments.

Cross-platform integration

Trustmary can easily connect with CRM platforms, email marketing, social networks and other business tools, helping businesses manage customer reviews holistically.

  • Multi-platform integration helps businesses obtain comprehensive customer information, thereby devising more effective business strategies.
  • Businesses can automatically synchronize assessments with other systems, avoiding time-consuming manual implementation.

Trustmary's Application


Trustmary helps e-commerce businesses increase conversion rates and reduce return rates through:

  • Collect and display product and service reviews on the website, increasing the trust of potential customers.
  • Timely resolve negative feedback, improve product quality, service and customer experience.
  • Integrate reviews into email and advertising campaigns, increase appeal and drive conversions.


For service providing businesses, Trustmary helps build brand reputation and attract new customers through:

  • Collect feedback on service quality, customer experience, and share positive reviews across marketing channels.
  • Resolve negative feedback promptly, thereby improving service and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Create review certificates for potential customers to verify your brand's credibility.


Trustmary also supports B2B businesses in creating trust with business partners and customers through:

  • Collect and display reviews from business customers, increasing credibility and trust.
  • Integrate assessment certificates into documents, websites, and email marketing to increase reliability.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of review campaigns, thereby improving your B2B customer outreach strategy.

Real estate

Trustmary is also widely applied in the real estate sector, helping to increase trust and promote customers' purchasing decisions through:

  • Collect and display positive reviews about projects and real estate on websites and marketing channels.
  • Create review certificates, increase the trust of potential customers.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of review campaigns to improve marketing and sales activities.

Trustmary Pricing Plans

Trustmary provides flexible service packages, suitable to the needs and size of each business, including:

Service pack Feature Price
Basic Package - Collect reviews via email and SMS- Display review widget on website- Manage and respond to reviews 49 USD/month
Advanced Package - All features in the Basic package - Integrate with CRM, email marketing - Analyze and evaluate performance 99 USD/month
Business Package - All features in the Advanced package - Customize review widget - 24/7 support Contact

Businesses should choose a service package appropriate to their scale, needs and financial capacity. The Basic plan is generally suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, while the Enterprise plan is suitable for large corporations with a high need for customization.

Trustmary Alternatives

In addition to Trustmary, there are a number of other customer review management software on the market, including:

  • Feefo : Review management platform focused on verifying review authenticity.
  • Shopper Approved : Provides similar features to Trustmary such as collecting, displaying and analyzing reviews.
  • : Specializes in collecting and displaying comments and reviews from customers.

In comparison, Trustmary has the advantage of providing a comprehensive solution, with many advanced features such as cross-platform integration, custom review widgets, and 24/7 support. Competitors often focus on specific features, such as verifying reviews or displaying testimonials.

Case Study: Trustmary Brings Business Success

Case 1: Increase conversion rate for e-commerce businesses

An e-commerce business used Trustmary to collect reviews from customers after every transaction. As a result, they increased the conversion rate on their website significantly. Displaying positive reviews and review certifications helped build trust and credibility with new customers. At the same time, responding quickly and improving service based on customer feedback has helped reduce return rates.

Case 2: Building reputation in the service industry

A service provider company used Trustmary to collect reviews from customers after each completed service. Thanks to positive reviews and review certificates, they have built credibility in the industry and attracted new customers effectively. By responding and improving services based on customer feedback, they have increased existing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Case 3: Creating trust in a B2B environment

A B2B business used Trustmary to collect reviews from business partners and customers. Displaying reviews and review certificates has helped them build trust and credibility in the business environment. By effectively analyzing their review campaigns, they improved their B2B customer engagement and outreach strategy.


In today's fiercely competitive context, building brand reputation and creating trust with customers is a decisive factor in the success of a business. Trustmary not only helps businesses collect, manage and display customer reviews effectively, but also create positive experiences for customers.

With diverse features such as review widgets, review certificates, cross-platform integration, and flexible applications in many different fields, Trustmary is a trusted partner for any business looking to grow revenue and build brand reputation.

Experience Trustmary now to feel the difference and contact the support team for detailed advice and choose the most suitable service package for your business.


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