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PriceAgent helps you set the right price based on customers' willingness to pay, optimizing revenue and business growth.

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Setting competitive and effective prices plays a key role in a business's success. PriceAgent , a pricing software based on artificial intelligence (AI), was born to help businesses optimize pricing strategies and increase revenue and profits effectively. This article will give you a comprehensive overview of PriceAgent - from introduction, how it works, key features, practical applications to pricing plans and alternatives.

I. Introducing PriceAgent

What is PriceAgent? AI-based pricing software

PriceAgent is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based pricing software designed to help businesses determine the optimal selling price for their products and services. With big data analytics and the power of machine learning algorithms, PriceAgent can provide competitive and effective price recommendations, helping businesses maximize revenue and profits.

Outstanding advantages of PriceAgent

  1. Determine optimal price : PriceAgent uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze factors such as cost, supply and demand, customer behavior and other market information to suggest the optimal price for each product. products and services.
  1. Increase revenue : By determining the optimal selling price, PriceAgent helps businesses increase revenue and profits significantly.
  1. Save time : Instead of having to build a complex pricing model yourself, businesses can use PriceAgent to quickly propose effective selling prices.
  1. Ease of use : The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for businesses to deploy and use PriceAgent immediately.

PriceAgent users

PriceAgent is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, including:

  • Retail business
  • Businesses provide services
  • Manufacturing enterprises
  • E-commerce enterprise
  • Other businesses need to determine the optimal selling price for products and services

II. How PriceAgent works

Collect and analyze data

PriceAgent collects and analyzes data from a variety of sources, including:

  • Data about the business's products and services
  • Data on competitors and market prices
  • Data on customer behavior and willingness to pay

By integrating and analyzing this data, PriceAgent can gain a deep understanding of the market, supply and demand and customer behavior.

Build a pricing model

Using advanced machine learning algorithms, PriceAgent builds optimal pricing models based on collected data. This model can predict and recommend optimal prices for each product and service, maximizing revenue and profits.

Price proposal

Based on the built pricing model, PriceAgent will provide specific price proposals for each product and service of the business. These recommendations will be updated regularly to reflect changes in the market and customer behavior.

Track and optimize

PriceAgent not only recommends prices but also monitors the effectiveness of the applied pricing strategy. If necessary, the system will automatically adjust and optimize prices to bring maximum efficiency to the business.

III. Key features of PriceAgent

Data analysis

  • Collect data from a variety of sources, including product, competitor, market, and customer behavior data.
  • Extensive data analysis, combining many modern data analysis techniques.
  • Provides detailed and intuitive analytical reports.

Build a pricing model

  • Use advanced machine learning algorithms to build optimal pricing models.
  • Pricing models have the ability to predict market demand and customer willingness to pay.
  • Continuously update and adjust the pricing model to reflect changes in the market.

Price proposal

  • Provide specific price proposals for each product and service of the business.
  • Price recommendations are optimized to maximize revenue and profits.
  • Price proposals are updated regularly to match market developments.

Track and optimize

  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the pricing strategy being applied.
  • Automatically adjust and optimize price levels for maximum efficiency.
  • Provides detailed tracking, analysis and reporting tools on pricing performance.

Reporting and analysis

  • Generate detailed and intuitive reports on pricing performance.
  • In-depth analysis of factors affecting valuation results.
  • Helps businesses make pricing decisions based on data and analytics.


  • Connect with other business management systems such as CRM, ERP, warehouse, etc
  • Integrate data from these systems to get a complete picture of the business.
  • Synchronize data and automatically update changes in your business.

IV. PriceAgent's application

Optimize revenue

  • Determine the optimal price to maximize revenue and profits.
  • Adjust selling prices flexibly based on market demand and customer behavior.
  • Propose effective pricing strategies for each product and service.

Competitive on price

  • Set prices more competitively than industry competitors.
  • Analyze competitors' prices and market trends.
  • Build a flexible pricing strategy to increase competitive advantage.

Increase the revenue

  • Develop effective pricing strategies to drive revenue growth.
  • Optimize selling price to attract more potential customers.
  • Monitor and adjust selling prices to maintain sustainable revenue growth.

Understand your customers

  • Learn more about customers' willingness to pay.
  • Analyze customer behavior and needs to propose appropriate prices.
  • Build customized product/service packages based on customer willingness to pay.

Make decisions based on data

  • Make accurate pricing decisions based on analytical data.
  • Eliminate pricing decisions based on emotions or personal experience.
  • Increase transparency and efficiency in the pricing process.

V. PriceAgent pricing plans

Free plan

  • There are limits to the features and number of products that can be priced.
  • Suitable for small businesses or those just starting to use pricing software.
  • Allows users to experience basic features of PriceAgent.

Paid plans

  • Unlock all features, unlimited number of products.
  • Provides priority support and advanced features like integration with enterprise systems.
  • Suitable for businesses that have high pricing needs and want to make the most of PriceAgent's capabilities.

Users can compare price packages and choose the package that suits the needs and scale of the business.

BECAUSE. PriceAgent Alternatives

Besides PriceAgent, there are several other pricing software being used in the market, including:


Prisync is a pricing software that tracks competitor prices. It offers features like price tracking, price alerts, price analysis, and price recommendations.


Price2Spy is an online price tracking tool that allows users to track product and competitor prices on e-commerce websites.


Competera is an AI-based pricing software, similar to PriceAgent. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data and recommend optimal prices.

When comparing PriceAgent to alternatives, PriceAgent stands out with its extensive data analytics, integration with enterprise systems, and automated price optimization features. Other software often focuses on tracking and comparing prices, while PriceAgent goes further by suggesting optimal prices based on analytical data.


PriceAgent is a pricing software based on artificial intelligence (AI) with the ability to optimize revenue and profits for businesses. By matching prices to customers' willingness to pay and tracking the effectiveness of pricing strategies, PriceAgent helps businesses increase competition, drive revenue growth and better understand demand. of cutomer.

Using PriceAgent not only helps businesses save time and effort in pricing but also brings great benefits from applying smart pricing strategies. At the same time, integration with other management systems also helps businesses have an overall view of business and management activities effectively.


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