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CRUDgen is a tool that helps programmers automatically create CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) user interfaces quickly and effectively, saving time and effort in application development.

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In application development, one of the most common and repetitive tasks is building CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) features - basic functions for data management. With the emergence of CRUDgen , an automated CRUD user interface generation tool, programmers can save a lot of time and effort in developing these features.

I. Introducing CRUDgen

1. What is CRUDgen?

CRUDgen is an automated CRUD user interface generator that allows programmers and application developers to create CRUD pages quickly and easily. With CRUDgen, users only need to provide a data model (database schema) or connect to the database, this tool will automatically generate all the necessary source code to build the corresponding CRUD pages.

2. Outstanding advantages of CRUDgen

CRUDgen possesses many outstanding advantages, including:

  • Fast development speed : With CRUDgen, programmers can create CRUD pages in a short time, instead of having to write the entire source code from scratch.
  • Ease of use : CRUDgen's user interface is designed to be easy to use, with many user support features.
  • Highly customizable : Users can customize the interface, add additional features to meet the needs of the application.
  • Supports many frameworks and programming languages : CRUDgen is capable of integrating with popular frameworks and programming languages ​​such as React, Angular, Vue, Laravel, Node.js, Python, etc.

3. Target users

CRUDgen is designed to serve the following audiences:

  • Programmer : Helps programmers create CRUD interfaces quickly, saving time and effort.
  • Application Developer : Provides an efficient tool for building CRUD features for web applications.
  • Software Enterprise : With its ability to automatically generate CRUD interfaces, CRUDgen becomes a useful tool to speed up the software development process.

II. How CRUDgen works

1. Import the data model

To use CRUDgen, users need to provide a data model (database schema) for the tool. This can be done by:

  • Import the data model directly into CRUDgen.
  • Connect CRUDgen to an existing database.

2. Automatically generate CRUD interface source code

After importing the data model, CRUDgen will automatically analyze and generate the corresponding CRUD user interface source code. This source code includes pages for listing, creating, editing and deleting data.

3. Customize the interface

Although CRUDgen automatically generates CRUD interface source code, users can still customize the interface and add additional features to meet the needs of the application. Customizations may include:

  • Change layout, color, interface style.
  • Add custom elements like charts, maps, etc
  • Integrate additional features such as authentication, authorization, etc

III. Key features of CRUDgen

1. Create CRUD interface automatically

The main feature of CRUDgen is to automatically create CRUD pages (list, create, edit, delete) based on the data model. With this feature, programmers can save a lot of time and effort during application development.

2. Customize the interface

CRUDgen offers very flexible user interface customization. Users can change the layout, colors, styles, and add custom elements to the CRUD interface.

3. Supports many frameworks and programming languages

CRUDgen is capable of integrating with many popular frameworks and programming languages, including:

  • Front-end frameworks: React, Angular, Vue
  • Back-end frameworks: Laravel, Node.js, Python
  • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MongoDB

4. Create clean and readable source code

The source code created by CRUDgen complies with coding conventions, making the source code easy to read, maintain and upgrade.

5. Integrate with other tools

CRUDgen can integrate with other tools such as Git, Docker, CI/CD to support the software development process.

IV. Application of CRUDgen

1. Web application development

One of the main uses of CRUDgen is in web application development. With the ability to automatically create CRUD interfaces, CRUDgen helps programmers create basic data management features quickly.

2. Build admin panel

CRUDgen is also a useful tool in building admin panels for applications. By generating CRUD pages automatically, CRUDgen helps developers save time and effort in the process of building admin interfaces.

3. Create prototypes

With the ability to quickly create CRUD interfaces, CRUDgen becomes a useful tool for building interface prototypes, for demo or testing purposes.

4. Save time and effort

One of the biggest benefits of CRUDgen is that it helps programmers save a lot of time and effort in developing CRUD features again and again. This allows them to focus on key application features, improving productivity and efficiency during software development.

V. CRUDgen pricing plans

1. Free plan

CRUDgen offers a free plan for users, with basic features such as:

  • Generate CRUD automatically
  • Customize the interface
  • Supports several frameworks and programming languages

However, the free plan has a limit on the number of projects and some advanced features.

2. Paid plan

In addition to the free plan, CRUDgen also offers paid plans with many advanced features, including:

  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Unlock all features of CRUDgen
  • Get priority support from the technical team

Users can choose the package that suits their needs and budget.

3. Compare pricing plans

To help users choose the right pricing plan, CRUDgen provides a detailed comparison table between plans, including:

  • Features of each package
  • Number of projects used
  • Level of support
  • Price

From there, users can make the decision to use the most suitable package.

BECAUSE. CRUDgen alternatives

1. AppGini

AppGini is another automatic CRUD interface generator, with similar features to CRUDgen. AppGini can integrate with many popular database management systems.

2. QuickAdminPanel

QuickAdminPanel is an automatic CRUD generator for web applications, with integration with frameworks like Laravel, React, Angular.

3. AdminLTE

AdminLTE is a free admin template that provides built-in CRUD interface components. Although not an automatic CRUD generator like CRUDgen, AdminLTE is still a good choice for web application development projects.

4. Compare with CRUDgen

When compared with alternatives, CRUDgen stands out with the following advantages:

  • Ability to generate automatic CRUD more efficiently
  • User interface is easier to use
  • More flexible interface customization features
  • Supports more popular frameworks and programming languages

However, alternative tools also have their own advantages, such as lower costs or built-in integration with specific frameworks. Users need to carefully consider project requirements to choose the appropriate tool.


CRUDgen is an automatic CRUD interface generation tool that is very useful for programmers and application developers. With the ability to quickly create CRUD pages, CRUDgen helps save significant time and effort during application development. Besides, CRUDgen also provides many customization features and the ability to integrate with popular frameworks and programming languages.

If you are developing web applications and need to build CRUD features, I encourage you to try using CRUDgen. With outstanding features and advantages, CRUDgen can become a useful tool to speed up your software development process.


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