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AI Hairstyles - smart virtual hair style and hair color try-on tool, helping you find the perfect style in a snap.

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Choosing a hairstyle that suits your face and style is always a big challenge for many people. However, with the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, you can now experience virtual hairstyles and find your ideal hairstyle with just a few clicks. Let's join Sharehubtech to learn more about AI Hairstyles - this new tool and explore its interesting applications.

Introducing AI Hairstyles

Introduction: the problem of choosing the right hairstyle

Choosing a new hairstyle is always an important decision. You have to consider many factors such as your face shape, skin tone, personal style and fashion trends. Experimenting with different hairstyles at the salon can be expensive and time-consuming. Sometimes, unexpected changes make you feel less confident with your new appearance.

Definition: What is AI Hairstyles?

AI Hairstyles is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help users experience and test different hairstyles and hair colors on their own photos. This tool uses machine learning and computer vision algorithms to analyze your face and current hairstyle, thereby recommending suitable hairstyles.

Benefits of AI Hairstyles

  • Save time, effort and money : Instead of having to go to the salon to test out hairstyles, you can experiment online with AI Hairstyles completely for free.
  • Increase confidence when choosing a new hairstyle : With the ability to experiment first, you will feel more confident when deciding to change your hairstyle.
  • Personalize the experience : AI Hairstyles allows you to customize hairstyles and colors to find the most ideal version.

How AI Hairstyles works

AI technology in AI Hairstyles

AI Hairstyles uses artificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning and computer vision to analyze users' faces and hairstyles. Algorithms are trained on millions of photos to accurately identify facial and hair features, thereby recommending suitable hairstyles.

Steps to use AI Hairstyles

  1. Upload a photo : The user uploads a photo of himself or herself, so the tool can analyze it.
  2. Choose a hairstyle : From a diverse library of hairstyles and hair colors, users can choose the desired versions.
  3. Adjustments : Editing features allow users to fine-tune hair styles and colors to their preferences.
  4. Share and save : Results can be easily shared on social networks or saved for future reference.

For example, experience AI Hairstyles

Let's take a look at an example of how a user experiences AI Hairstyles:

  1. The user uploads a portrait photo of himself.
  2. On the interface, users choose a long and curly hairstyle from the library.
  3. Using editing tools, users change the hair color to reddish brown.
  4. Once completed, users share the results on Facebook to receive comments from friends.

Through this example, it can be seen that AI Hairstyles provides an intuitive and flexible experience, helping users easily search and test satisfactory hairstyles.

Main features of AI Hairstyles

Diverse hairstyle library

AI Hairstyles offers hundreds of different hairstyles and hair colors, including classic, modern, youthful styles and is suitable for both men and women. Users can easily search and test suitable hairstyles.

Style For example hairstyle
Classic Bouffant, Beehive, Victory Rolls
Modern Lob, Shag, Mullet
Youthful Pixie, Undercut, Cornrows

Detailed editing tools

In addition to choosing a hairstyle, users can also adjust factors such as length, volume, curl and other hair characteristics. Thanks to that, they can customize their hairstyle exactly to their liking.

For example, users can:

  • Extend hair length for a longer hairstyle
  • Increase volume at the top of the head to create curly hair
  • Change hair color with unique color filters

Comparison feature

AI Hairstyles allows users to visually compare different hairstyles on the same photo. This makes it easier for them to make decisions about the most suitable hairstyle.

For example, users can:

  • Compare long curly hairstyles and bob hairstyles on the same face
  • Compare light and dark dyed hairstyles in your photos

Share easily

Once the test is completed, users can easily share the results on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This feature helps them get feedback from friends and family.

In addition, users can also save their favorite hairstyles for future reference.

Application of AI Hairstyles

Personal application

AI Hairstyles is a great tool for individuals, helping them find and test new hairstyles that suit their face, skin and personal style. Users can experience many different hairstyles without worrying about unwanted changes.

Application for hairdressing professionals

Hairdressing professionals can use AI Hairstyles as a consulting support tool for customers. They can introduce and test hairstyles with customers directly on computers or mobile phones. This helps customers have a visual view of the new hairstyle, thereby making better decisions.

Applications in the entertainment industry

In the film and video game industry, AI Hairstyles can be used to create characters with impressive hairstyles. Producers can experiment and choose hairstyles that suit the character's personality and style.

For example, in a fantasy movie, female characters can be adorned with unique and futuristic hairstyles thanks to AI Hairstyles.

Application in beauty brands

Beauty brands such as hair salons and cosmetic companies can use AI Hairstyles to promote their products and services. Customers can easily experience the hairstyles and colors introduced by the brand.

For example, a hair cosmetics brand could integrate AI Hairstyles into their website so customers can test out new hairstyles for themselves with their products.

AI Hairstyles pricing plans

Free plan

The free version of AI Hairstyles provides basic features such as:

  • Upload photos and experiment with available hairstyles
  • Adjust hair length and volume
  • Share results on social networks

Paid plans

In addition to free features, AI Hairstyles' paid plans unlock more advanced features such as:

  • Extensive library of hairstyles and hair colors
  • More detailed editing tools (curl level, bang style, etc.)
  • Hairstyle comparison feature
  • Store and access test history

Depending on usage needs, users can choose the package that suits them.

Compare pricing plans

Below is a comparison table of features and prices of AI Hairstyles packages:

Feature Free of charge Basic Package Advanced Package
Download photos & test ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Adjustable length and puffiness ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Share on social networks ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Extensive hairstyle library ✔️ ✔️
Advanced editing tools ✔️
Comparison feature ✔️
Historical archive ✔️
Price Free of charge $4.99/month $9.99/month

With different features and prices, users can choose the package that suits their needs and budget.

Alternatives to AI Hairstyles

In addition to AI Hairstyles, users can also refer to some similar tools such as:

These tools also provide similar features for users to experiment with hairstyles online. However, each tool has its own advantages and limitations, so a comparison between them is necessary.

Compare advantages and disadvantages

  1. Hairstyle AI:
    • Advantages : Friendly interface, easy to use.
    • Limitations : The hairstyle library is not rich.
  1. Virtual Hairstyle:
    • Advantages : Provides many modern hairstyles.
    • Limitations : There is no hairstyle comparison feature.
  1. Hair Zapp :
    • Advantages : Integrates AR technology for realistic experience.
    • Limitations : May require app installation on mobile device.
  1. Modiface Hair:
    • Pros : Provides detailed editing tools.
    • Limitations : Interface can be complicated for new users.
  1. Style My Hair:
    • Advantages : Detailed hairstyle comparison feature.
    • Limitations : May require account registration to use full features.

Choosing the right tool depends on the user's personal needs and preferences. For the best experience, users can test each tool and compare before deciding to use it regularly.


Nowadays, choosing the right hairstyle is no longer a difficult problem with the support of AI Hairstyles . With the ability to experiment with different hairstyles and colors online, users can easily find a new style without having to go to a salon.

AI Hairstyles not only helps save time and effort but also brings confidence in choosing hairstyles. By using advanced AI technology, users can experience hundreds of different hairstyles and share the results easily.


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