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360proxy offers many useful features such as IP anonymization, data encryption, ad blocking and online activity monitoring

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With the rapid development of internet technology, accessing and using online resources has become more popular than ever. However, besides the benefits that the internet brings, it also poses many challenges related to security and privacy issues. One of the solutions that many people trust to solve these problems is the 360proxy proxy service .

In this article, we will learn about the 360proxy service, common use cases, pricing as well as other alternatives.

What is 360proxy?

Learn about 360proxy Use cases, pricing and alternatives

360proxy is a proxy service (also known as a proxy server) provided by the company 360 Security. This service allows users to access the internet securely and anonymously through rerouting their access requests through proxy servers.

Using 360proxy will help users:

  • Privacy protection: Users' IP addresses and personal information will be hidden, preventing online tracking and monitoring activities.
  • Access blocked content: With the ability to change virtual geolocation, users can access websites and services blocked in their area.
  • Increase access speed: Rerouting access requests through proxy servers can help speed up page loading, especially in areas with slow internet connections.

In addition, 360proxy also offers other security features such as ad blocking, anti-malware protection, and online activity tracking.

360proxy: Use cases

360proxy can be used in many different situations, depending on the user's needs and purposes. Here are some common use cases:

1. Protect your privacy online

One of the main use cases of 360proxy is protecting user privacy on the internet. With the anonymity feature, 360proxy will hide users' IP addresses and personal information, preventing unauthorized tracking, monitoring and data collection activities.

This is important when users perform sensitive activities such as:

  • Access websites that are blocked or have sensitive content
  • Financial transactions, online payments
  • Use email, text messages or chat applications
  • Access personal accounts such as social networks, banks...

Using 360proxy will help users protect personal information and avoid being tracked and monitored by third parties.

2. Access blocked content

Another use case for 360proxy is to access content that is blocked or restricted in the user's geographic region. This is very useful in cases like:

  • Access websites and services blocked by the government or internet provider in the user's country/region
  • Watch shows, movies, and media content that is limited to broadcast in certain geographical areas
  • Access websites and applications blocked by companies and organizations at work or school

By using 360proxy to change virtual geolocation, users can easily access content blocked in their region.

3. Increase access speed

In addition to security and privacy protection features, 360proxy can also help increase internet access speed for users. This is especially useful in areas where internet connections are slow or slow due to overload.

When using 360proxy, user access requests will be rerouted through proxy servers, helping to optimize page loading and data transmission. This may help:

  • Increase website and application loading speed
  • Improve video and music streaming quality
  • Reduce waiting time when accessing online services

This is one of the benefits that many users appreciate when using 360proxy.

4. Blocks ads and protects against malware

In addition to the main features, 360proxy also provides additional security features such as:

  • Block ads: Prevent ads and banners from displaying on websites and applications, helping to improve user experience and increase page loading speed.
  • Anti-malware protection: Integrates security technologies to detect and block threats such as malware, viruses, trojans...

This is very useful in protecting the safety of users' devices and data when accessing the internet.

5. Monitor online activity

In addition to the common use cases above, 360proxy can also be used to monitor and track users' online activities, for example:

  • Track web access history, access time and location
  • Monitor online activities of employees and students in business or school environments
  • Control and restrict access to unwanted websites and applications

This can be a useful application for organizations and businesses that want to control and manage the online activities of employees or students.

360proxy: Price list and service packages

360proxy offers many different service packages, from free to paid packages, to meet user needs. Below is a detailed price list of 360proxy service packages:

Feature Regular Enterprise
Pricing Starts from $3/mo Starts from $5/mo
Billing Billed by traffic Billed by traffic
IP Address Range 80M authentic IPs from over 190 locations Unlimited sub-accounts, billed by traffic
Proxy Type Socks5 Proxies Socks5 Proxies
IP Distribution IP can be freely distributed, the most cost effective Unlimited sub-accounts, billed by traffic
Pricing per IP 0.09/IP 0.04/IP


Depending on usage needs, budget and required level of security, users can choose the most suitable service package. Payment plans will provide advanced features such as unlimited data, higher access speeds, priority support...

Who should use 360proxy?

360proxy is a proxy service suitable for many different types of users, depending on needs and purposes of use:

1. Personal:

  • Users are concerned about online security and privacy issues
  • People who want to access content blocked in their region
  • People living in areas with slow internet connections

2. Enterprise:

  • Businesses want to protect sensitive corporate information
  • Organizations need to monitor and control their employees' online activities
  • Companies want to increase internet access speed for employees

3. Students:

  • Students want to access websites blocked by the school
  • People who need to protect personal information when using the internet at school
  • People in areas with poor internet connections want to improve access speeds

In short, 360proxy is the right choice for individuals, businesses, and educational institutions who want to increase security, privacy, access blocked content, and improve internet access speed.

Alternatives to 360proxy

In addition to 360proxy, there are many other proxy and VPN services on the market that also provide similar features. Here are some alternatives to consider:

1. NordVPN

  • Reputable VPN service with extensive server network
  • Provides superior security and anonymity
  • Has an easy-to-use app on many devices
  • Service plans start at $3.29/month

2. ExpressVPN

  • High-speed VPN service, with thousands of servers worldwide
  • Friendly interface, easy to use on all platforms
  • Policy of not logging user activity
  • Packages start at $8.32/month

3. Surfshark

  • Competitively priced VPN service, starting at $2.49/month
  • Supports unlimited connections on many devices
  • Integrated ad blocker and anti-malware protection
  • Simple interface, easy to use

4. ProtonVPN

  • VPN service based in Switzerland, famous for its high security
  • Provides Secure Core connection protocol to protect sensitive data
  • There is a free version and paid service plans starting at 5 USD/month

5. Windscribe

  • VPN service with ad and online tracking blocking
  • Supports unlimited connections on many devices
  • There's a free version with limited data and paid plans starting at $4.08/month

These alternatives offer similar security, anonymity, and content access features to 360proxy, depending on the user's needs and budget to choose the most suitable service.


In the context of the growing internet and increasing threats to online information security, using a proxy service like 360proxy is an effective solution to protect privacy and access restricted content. block and enhance network security.

360proxy provides many useful features such as IP anonymization, data encryption, ad blocking and online activity monitoring, and has flexible service packages from free to paid to meet users' needs. use.

While there are many other alternatives on the market such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, ProtonVPN, Windscribe, choosing the right service still depends on each user's specific requirements.

With the advantages and features that 360proxy brings, this is one of the proxy services worth considering for protecting personal information and a safer internet experience.

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